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Creating a Positive End-of-Life Experience

Whatever form the pet’s care may have taken before the point of reaching an End-of-Life decision, many people prefer that final step to be in the home.

The benefits of an End-of-Life experience at home include:

  • Not having to load stressed pets into carriers and vehicles
  • Not having to linger in a crowded waiting area with numerous other pets
  • No painful lifting and jostling for pets with painful joints.
  • Convenience for pet owners facing transportation or mobility challenges

What is the Process?

First comes the love and goodies! If you pet is up to eating treats, I will use those plus lots of affection to put them at ease. I will be down on the floor, or on their bed – wherever the pet is comfortable.

The next step is an injection into muscle of a sedative – this lets the pet get gradually more and more sleepy, while being petted and spoken to by loved ones. As they start to feel the sedation, I will try to encourage the pet to make its way onto a blanket or duvet I have brought along, for the sake of carrying out later.

After the pet is sedated enough that handling of the limbs does not cause any stress, then the euthanasia solution is give by IV injection. In general, a tourniquet is placed on a forelimb or hindlimb to raise the vein.

The injection used is an anaesthetic solution – just given at such a dose that after progressing through the regular stages of going under an anesthetic, the body progresses further and deeper to the point of stopping the control centres for the heart and breathing.

If for any reason access into a vein can not be established, there are methods of delivering the solution that involve the needle entering into the chest or abdomen – the sedation injection already given ensures that this does not cause discomfort.

After whatever amount of time the family needs for Good-byes, if After-care of the body is to be taken care of by me, the pet, wrapped in my blanket, is carried out to my vehicle.

Our cremation company, http://gatewaypetmemorial.com , picks them up from our clinic. Ashes or memorial products, as requested, are deliver to the clinic within 2 weeks.

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