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Pet Supplies

All of your Pet Supplies are available in MyVetStore:

  • estore-pharmacyDiets: Prescription pet foods and a wide range of top quality foods, including diets for small mammals, birds and reptiles. Subscription Service is available to ensure that you never run out!
  • A wide selection of treats, including dental treats, hypoallergenic treats and treats to support joint health
  • Toys for cats, dogs and small pets (for example, bunnies love huts and tunnels made out of nice, chewable timothy hay!)
  • Various pet accessories such as leashes and harnesses, carriers, training aids, grooming tools, even kitty litter and boxes (the covered Cleanstep box is my favourite!)
  • Hygiene products for dental care, for cleaning eyes and ears, and for keeping coats clean and healthy (including Skunk Off – you never know when your dog might have play-time with the black-and-white stripey kitty…)
  • Vitamins and supplements to support joints, skin, urinary and digestive health
  • Items of pet clothing such as protective boots, visibility vests and life-jackets
  • Feeding accessories such as collapsible water bowls, anti-gulp dog food bowls, and recirculating filtered drinking fountains
  • Medical supplies such as e-collars, pet pillers and glucometers to monitor blood sugar in diabetic pets
  • Newborn care: milk replacers and bottles for kittens and puppies

Pet foods and supplies are delivered direct to your door by Purolator.


Your pet’s Prescriptions can be managed at MyVetStore:

  • All of your pet’s prescribed medications can be accessed through MyVetStore
  • For long-term medications, you will be able to check at a glance how many refills are left
  • A subscription service is available for long-term medications – a reminder e-mail will be sent around the time a medication should be running out. You just need to confirm, and the next fill is on its way.
  • Heartworm, flea and tick preventive prescriptions are available. I will discuss with you which preventive best suits the needs of you and your pet, and will add it to your pet’s prescription list
  • Prescription medications and products will be shipped to you by ExpressPost.

To access MyVetStore, contact me at I will receive your request and sign you up!

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