In-Home Euthanasia

Our Final Gift to Our Beloved Friends is a Gentle End

This is the moment that no Pet Parent wants to face

Our efforts to keep the pet feeling good are no longer working, quality of life is slipping away. Our final gift to our beloved friends is a gentle end, in comfort and dignity.

In-Home EuthanasiaMany Pet Parents prefer not to subject their pet to the stress of transport to the vet’s office in those final moments. Our goal is to have the pet end on a good note – free of fear and worry in their final conclusion.

Many pets have severely limited mobility in their final time. Severe arthritis, or neurological issues, can prevent the pet from being able to stand without difficulty; and a large dog is not easily or comfortably carried.

This is where the performance of a euthanasia in the home can contribute to the peace of mind of both the Pet Parent and the Pet.

A Veterinary Euthanasia is, in essence, an overdose of anaesthetic. The pet goes through all the regular stages of anaesthetic induction, then one step more:

  • First, a blessed cessation of pain
  • Next, a moment of disorientation as consciousness starts to slip away
  • Then, full anaesthesia. At this stage, nothing can hurt; pain perception is completely disconnected, nothing we could do could elicit pain.
  • Finally, a full shut-down of the autonomic systems. As the respiratory centres shut down, a small minority of pets may show some reflex gasping – rest assured, at this stage there is no feeling, the pet is past the perception of any pain. The heart stops as the final step.

The Euthanasia Procedure involves the intravenous injection of the euthanasia solution. In pets that are stressed by handling, or who would be uncomfortable getting an IV injection, an intramuscular injection of sedative can be given first.

Aftercare is taken care of by Gateway Cremation Services. Your pet’s remains are treated with respect! They are not looked at or handled as trash – they are managed as the last memorial of a pet that was well-loved.

Gateway’s services include:

  • Common Cremation – that is to say, no cremains returned.
  • Private Cremation – your pet is cremated alone, not along with anyone else’s pet, and the cremains are returned to you. Private viewing of the cremation process is available upon request.
  • A variety of cremains vessels are available: urns and cedar boxes, picture frames and statues, even lovely structures of stained glass. Engraved plaques, embossing, and etching can impart your pet’s name, dates, and whatever message you desire. You can even get memorial jewellery to hold part of the cremains, or grave markers, or illuminated acrylic etched portraits.
  • Paw prints are available with either Common or Private cremation. These can be plain terra-cotta coloured clay, or painted in various colours with the paw impression emphasized in black. Your pet’s name appears below the print.

A full portfolio of these offerings is available at

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