Minor Surgical Procedures

Performed in the convenience of your own home

Minor Surgical Procedure - ToothIf your pet is in need of a full surgical procedure under a general anaesthetic, I can provide transportation to my affiliate clinic, Sharon Veterinary Clinic, where excellent care will be provided.

If your pet needs a minor procedure, that can be performed with sedation and a local anaesthetic, then I can help right on site!

The procedure can be performed in your home, or, if mess or squeamishness are a factor, inside my mobile unit.  Sedated pets are monitored with a Pulse Oximeter. Oxygen support is available if needed.

Examples of Minor Surgical Procedures


Suturing of minor skin lacerations. Laser therapy can give a boost to the healing process so that the wound knits faster.

Removal of Small Skin Masses

The mass can subsequently be submitted to the referral laboratory for assessment, to ascertain whether there is malignancy, and whether it has been completely removed.

Biopsy of Larger Masses

Laboratory evaluation of the sample can help to determine whether this mass should undergo full surgical excision, and whether medical treatment is indicated prior to surgery (for example, mast cell tumours can produce massive releases of histamine and cause symptoms of anaphylactic shock; they should be pre-treated with anti-histamines before undergoing surgical manipulation).

Skin Biopsy

Tricky skin conditions can be frustrating to treat without a proper diagnosis. Many skin conditions look just like other skin conditions. For example, lymphoma of the skin (a form of cancer) can look just like allergic disease and infection. If a condition is not responding to the first line of treatment, it may be time to properly nail down the diagnosis with a biopsy!

Aural Hematoma

These giant blood-blisters of the ear flap occur from either a pinch to the ear (such as getting caught in a door, or stepped on), or, more commonly, from vigourous head-shaking from an ear infection. Small blood-blisters can be drained and injected with a slow-release corticosteroid – about 60% of them can be resolved this way. Larger blood blisters, or ones that have not responded to drainage and injection, can get a drainage slit made and have the flap sewn flat again. The period of sedation allows an opportunity for a deep and thorough cleaning of an infected ear canal. Laser therapy of the canal can help decrease the inflammation, and take down the urge to shake the head.

Torn Nails

These common injuries are painful and messy! As long as the nail fragment is attached, it keeps irritating the nail bed with each step. The result is a limping, foot-licking dog that leaves little blood prints all through your house. Removal of the dangling nail fragment lets healing start, and laser therapy can provide pain relief and give a kick-start to the healing process.

Ingrown Nails

As cats get older, their nail sheaths do not slough off normally and nails can become long and thick. The curvature of front nails can cause them to grow right back into the toe pad – these wounds are extremely painful, and often badly infected. Even holding the foot for examination can be painful! Removal of deeply embedded overgrowths is often best accomplished under sedation.

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