Frequently Asked Questions

How far will you travel? Do your rates vary depending on my address?

The regular territory that is covered by my flat $26 Mobile Fee can be roughly defined by using the following borders: Steeles Avenue in the south, Highway 27 in the west, Highway 48 in the east, and Highway 88 in the north.

Outside of these, there is an extra charge per kilometer. For example, when I have gone to Keswick the extra fee has been about $20.

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Are you available all hours? What about emergencies?

Unfortunately, there is just one of me! I am not able to offer to respond at all hours, I work on an appointment basis. Plus, any emergency requiring 2 am care probably does need the benefit of a fully staffed and equipped emergency care centre!

I am available business hours on weekdays, and Saturday mornings. I have been known to make times outside these windows available to people, but only by prior arrangement.

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Is a Mobile Vet able to offer the same quality of care as a regular vet clinic?

For Wellness Check/Vaccination appointments, and visits for health problems, I am able to give you and your pet my full and undivided attention for a thorough and complete approach to your pet’s care.

I am able to perform some lab procedures, such as urinalysis and cell smears, on site; and for other labwork I, just like most clinics, will send sample out to a referral laboratory. Most results are available by the next day.

Since I am on my own, and not working with a technician, I will request your assistance when I collect samples (blood, urine or stool) – most pet parents do great at this, the only exceptions are the extremely wiggly pets.

I can perform minor surgical procedures, those that can be done with sedation and a local anaesthetic, such as removing a small skin mass or sewing up a cut.

I am not able to carry around a full inventory with me; any medications, supplies or foods that I do not have on hand will be delivered to you within a couple of days through my online VetStore.

For any conditions requiring surgery, x-rays or hospitalization, I offer transportation to my affiliate clinic, Sharon Veterinary Clinic.

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What animals do you treat?

In addition to cats and dogs, I have a good deal of experience with Small Mammals, including:

  • Lagomorphs: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas
  • Rodents: hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils
  • Ferrets

I treat and am comfortable with Reptiles:

  • turtles
  • lizards, such as iguanas and bearded dragons
  • snakes

I can do basic procedures, such as nail trims, beak grinding and feather clips on Psitticines:

  • budgies
  • cockatiels
  • small parrots.

For larger birds, or more complex medical concerns in birds, I would refer you to an avian practitioner who has greater experience than I with these patients.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

What can’t you do with an iPhone these days?? I have a device and program on my phone that lets me take payments from major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and AmEx.
My Online VetStore can take payments from Visa or MasterCard.
I can certainly take cheques.
Cash is an option – but please let me know beforehand if that is how you would like to pay, so I can be sure to have a selection of change on hand!

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Do you offer financing?

I do not have any means set up for financing – I am trying to find a company that offers people pet-care credit, but at the moment there seem to be only ones available in the States. The one that was available in Canada before seems to have gone out of business.

I do offer a means to make Wellness/Preventive care more affordable: the Wellness Package option lets you get your pet’s annual exam and vaccinations (and an additional semi-annual exam for senior pets), stool test, urine test and bloodwork, and pay for it over a 12 month period. The bundled services are discounted, you get a free small bag of an appropriate trial food; and, for the 12 month period I will not charge you an exam fee to see your pet again (the mobile fee, and any fees for medication or labwork still apply).

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