What I Do

It's about the pets, and about the medicine!

Above all, I strive to offer the best level of medical care, and superior communication with and service to Pet Parents. Whether working in a clinic or in your home, I have always had as my goal a Team Effort with Pet Parents, towards the mutual goal of their pets’ well-being.

I love having positive and constructive working relationships with my Pet Parents. I enjoy that familiarity with my Pets and People, and working with them on an on-going basis. These are the motivators and joys of my profession wherever I am working, but there are, without doubt, certain benefits to In-Home Service:

Housecall service means:

  • Not having to load stressed pets into carriers and vehicles
  • Not having to linger in a crowded waiting area with numerous other pets
  • Convenience for pet owners facing transportation or mobility challenges
What services can be done in a Housecall setting?

  • Regular Well-Pet examination and vaccinations
  • Parasite prevention and management, including Heartworm Testing and Preventives
  • Consultations for health problems, including: deep ear examinations, ophthalmoscopic and other evaluations of eyes, musculoskeletal assessments, abdominal palpation, and evaluation of skin issues
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Training advice
Laboratory Work:

  • Samples collected to send to the Referral Laboratory
  • On site analysis of certain samples, including urinalysis, microscopic examination of cell samples (such as Ear Swabs and Fine Needle Aspirates) and of Blood Smears
  • Minor surgical procedures (that can be performed under sedation and local anaesthesia) such as removal of small skin growths and suturing of minor lacerations

What about other services?

There are certain procedures that can not be performed on a Mobile Basis. For pets requiring:

  • Major Surgery
  • Dental Procedures
  • X-rays
  • Hospitalization

* Transportation can be provided to my affiliate clinic, Sharon Veterinary Clinic.

I look forward to working with you as Pet Parents, and with your Pets. I am grateful for another opportunity to build a positive and lasting relationship!

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